Standard Complete Dentures

  • Made when missing all upper or lower teeth
  • Traditional and most popular
  • Patients can choose variety of teeth mould and colours
  • Most basic denture and most affordable
  • Lasts approximately 5-7+ years

Premium Complete Dentures

  • Made when missing all upper or lower teeth
  • Highest quality of teeth and materials used
  • Precise measurements and capturing the natural motion of the jaws
  • Look much more natural than standard dentures
  • More comfortable and teeth will not wear down as fast as the standard dentures
  • Lasts approximately 7-10+ years

Immediate Dentures

  • These dentures are made if the teeth are compromised or failing and you need to have them removed.
  • Dentures are made ahead of time before teeth are extracted
    Since dentures are already made prior to the extractions, the dentures will be inserted right after the dentist removes the compromised teeth.
    Healing needs to take place after the extractions, which is called the ‘healing phase’, which takes approximately 6 months, dependent upon how many teeth were removed.
  • Temporary soft liners will be placed to help with the looseness and the fit while the gums are healing.

Standard & Premium Partial Dentures

When you have natural teeth or implant and don’t need a full denture, a partial can be created. Removable partial dentures can sometimes be called bridges and are prosthetic designed to match your gum line and provide both cosmetic and functional support to your mouth. Not only does a partial denture full the space left by missing teeth, it also prevents the remaining teeth from changing position.  Our partials are precisely designed for your unique mouth for a perfect comfortable fit.

  • Made when one or more natural teeth remain in upper or lower jaw
  • The framework can be made with cast metal material, flexible material, or acrylic material
  • Wearing a partial will prevent teeth from shifting and moving
  • Removable and easy to clean

Implant Dentures

  • Best treatment available for eligible patients
  • Offers greater denture stability and retention
  • Designed to fit on top of dental implants, significantly reducing sore spots and pressure on the gums
  • Most popular are locator implants and ball type implants
    All implant dentures use the highest quality of material.